Cockfighting is a strong tradition as a Blood Sport

Emperor QI was a huge fan of Cockfighting and organized the largest cockfighting contest every two years. The competition is open to everyone and everyone can take part. Each clan’s gamecocks have been prepared for competition and are trained before the game. Two of the most important families in Cockfighting are ready to fight for glory. A betting game was held for the audience during the final round. People placed a wager on which clan they supported. The stake was so high that if the clan won, all their supporters would win a prize. This prize can make you rich and allow you to live a wonderful life. Cockfighting has a long history as a blood sport. However, animal harassment makes it illegal today. PGSoft, the game’s creator, created a healthier version of its สล็อต rooster rumble slots. You can also place your bet while you watch a cockfight.

Rooster Rumble – Playoff Outlook

The history of cockfighting and bloodsports is a key part of the cockfighting theme. It is considered fairly innovative in gambling. PG Soft is not afraid to explore new areas. People won’t be disappointed by the unique graphics and animations. You might see cockfighting arenas in action.

Rooster Rumble features 12 common signs that include a wild and a scattered. Two cockfighting-related marks and four roosters are the regular premium symbols. Winning combinations will result in money. This money will be generated by numbers and stake modes.

Additional Features in Rooster Rumble

Enjoy Wilds

Through the game of Rooster Rumble, people can take advantage of worldwide jackpots and wilds. This determines how many times you can play. The difference between winning or being destroyed is determined by the number of reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Cascade Reels is the key to every victory. The winning symbols are removed and replaced with new ones. You can continue this process until you win. The multiplier increases the value of the goods and services. However, the value resets after each spin. It increases with every string if you win.

Free Spinning

You will be able to enjoy some free spins in Rooster Rumble. In every spin, you will receive three scatter symbols. If you win, you will receive eight additional reels and two more for every spread. In a casino, the scatter is also known by the name “the golden rooster”. Cascading increases the multiplier by 2 if you win. However, after each bonus round it will not reset to x2. If you have three scatters during a free spin you can activate the free spinning and eight additional spins.


Rooster Rumble may be a risky game, but the gameplay is flawless. Although there aren’t many additional functions, they are all well-designed and you will enjoy the game even more than the original. This will ensure that the casino has the highest winnings. In practice, this means that you will win more than x4000 of your wager. You can play the Rooster Rumble online game if you are looking for something risky and new.

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